I owe alot of my determination, as do alot of people, to my first pony.  Jo Winfield
horse trainer professional horse training It took me a while to pluck up the courage to contact Jo for a lesson, thinking I wouldn’t be good enough but Jo quickly put my fears to rest and my nerves vanished. I soon realised what a kind, generous person she is with a depth of knowledge that never ceases to amaze me. Jo caters each lesson to each individual horse and rider. She seems to intuitively know my mood on that day and knows when to push me out of my comfort zone and when I need my confidence rebuilding. Lessons are always aimed at the positive and are never negative. I come away from my lessons feeling that any problems have been resolved and future goals have been set. I cannot praise Jo’s training highly enough and would recommend that anyone seeking professional training contact Jo.  Evelyn Titterton

I worked with Jo in preparation for units of the BHS Stage 5 exam. Jo is very accommodating, knowledgeable and structured in her training, which ensured I was well prepared for the exam. I couldn’t have done it without her help and time. Kieran, UAE
horse trainer I really look forward to training with Jo, she has a great eye for detail and suggests changes that make a huge difference. Lottie Isle of Man

Jo’s visits to coach our staff are invaluable.  She brings all her experience, qualifications and expertise as well as kindness and a genuine interest in riders’ individual progress.  She can train, prepare and sign off candidates for all BHS stages as well as offering professional advice and a window on the wider equestrian world.  Lee Valley Riding Centre, London

Rachel2Rachel Thompson – Show Jumper

When I started working with Jo last year I was competing at 1.10 level and doing ok but, more often than not, we would have a pole down for reasons I couldn’t identify. It was becoming very frustrating because I knew that we were capable of better. Jo was able to assess our strengths and weaknesses, together and as a partnership, within a very short space of time and tailored our sessions to suit our specific needs. I was able to take the exercises and invaluable advice and practice at home. I quickly began to see real improvement not just in my horse’s way of going but in my riding and my understanding of what was required for me to excel. This season we are consistently jumping clear  rounds and becoming more competitive in jump offs. We are also preparing to move up a level to 1.20 – something I never imagined would be possible. Jo is very intuitive when it comes to rider psychology. She knows how to get the best out of each individual rider and how far out of their comfort zone she can push them.  As a result her lessons deftly walk the line between challenging and confidence boosting. I am enjoying riding, jumping and competing more than I ever have done and my horse just keeps getting better and better. I would emphatically recommend Jo to anyone wanting to see a real improvement regardless of level or ability.

pupils_richardRichard Evans – Advanced Event Rider

Jo Winfield coached me at Blenheim Horse Trials in 2003. She worked with me in the build up to the dressage test with Secret Papers. He is not an easy horse to prepare and her overview and perceptive comments allowed me to produce a much improved performance. Jo also trained and supported me with my preparation towards my BHS Instructor’s exam which I passed in 2007. Photo © Fiona Scott-Maxwell


Mandi King – BHS I SM, UKCC Level 3,

I met Jo just after she had achieved her very prestigious Fellowship. Rather nervous of her at first, I discovered a person who instilled in me a positive outlook to achieve more. She is generous in sharing her knowledge and has an understanding and awareness of what makes individual riders succeed and improve. Her enthusiasm and knowledge in her field can only encourage a rider to want to learn, research and improve. The help she has given me has been invaluable and she has fuelled me with confidence to aspire and achieve, not just as a rider but as an instructor and trainer.   Thank you Jo

Anne Gwilliam from Dorsington, Warwickshire

Jo has been visiting our yard for many years and teaches a number of horses and riders of different ages and experience, with very different goals. After all these years, I still come away from every lesson feeling like I’ve learnt something and that my riding has progressed. I don’t remember Jo ever telling me what I was doing wrong but instead she has always helped me to work it out for myself.  I always leave a lesson feeling positive as Jo is exceptionally good at judging mood of both horse and rider and tailoring the lesson to ensure that we have challenging but achievable goals. Jo has spent many years studying psychology and physiology of both horse and rider and this makes her approach different to many other instructors. Through her holistic teaching she has helped me better understand the connection between myself and my horse, and greatly improved my riding. I would not hesitate to recommend Jo to anyone wanting to improve their riding, solve a problem they are experiencing with their horse or interested in trying a new approach.  You will find her lessons to be fun but challenging, and you will always feel like you’ve made progress. Equine access