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“I feel proud to see my riders go further than I have …. I feel very proud to be part of their journey” Jo Winfield

This book aims to guide the reader through preparing for and competing at their first event. Advice is given on making a critical assessment for a horse, and evaluating its strengths and weaknesses as a potential event horse. The book covers how to build on what your horse is naturally capable of achieving, with a view to putting together a suitable training plan for all phases of eventing.

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Training for equestrian performance is an essential guide for the modern equestrian competitor who wants to optimise their own and their horse’s potential in training and competition, or for the equine sports science student wanting to understand the science of equestrian training. Jo has written two chapters. I hope you enjoy the read, Jo ~ Buy Here

Published in Association with the British Horse Society by Jennie Loreston Clarke with Foreword by Jo Winfield

Lungeing and long reining Lungeing and Long-Reining, published in association with The British Horse Society, is a step-by-step guide to training, exercising and suppling horses from the ground, written by Britain’s leading exponent of the art. You can buy this book here


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